Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Water Under Attack" screening at Bushwick Library

Hey all, wanted to post a great message that one of our members posted in our private google group. Please try to check this screening out:

Please come to the Bushwick Public Library on Saturday, June 6 
anytime between 11-4 for a screening of excerpts from Josh Fox's in- 
progress documentary: 

The NYC Watershed (Catskills and the Delaware River Basin) has the 
purest water in the country and serves 20 million people. 

However, gas drilling on a massive scale is planned for our watershed: 
up to 50,000 wells have been approved. In other areas where this kind 
of gas development has already happened, there have been many issues 
with toxic pollution in air, water and soil. 

Come to the library for information, watch a few minutes of the video 
- and then go see some great art, this is part of Bushwick Open 
Studios (see 

Library location: 340 Bushwick Ave, just a few blocks from the 
Montrose stop. 

Many websites with info on the issues; try 
//  //  //   // 

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